12" Labradorite Kyanite & Quartz Ombre Mirror

The Spork Witch

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Mirror name: Braze

This bold Moon Mirror, with labradorite, clear quartz and Black Kyanite, is also a color changing conversation piece. Braze wants you to remember that sometimes you need to go with the flow, relax and back float.  This mirror offers support in your shield while helping you ground to connect. It is a wonderful instrument for cleansing and bringing calm, but make sure to say kind things to your mirror, because it will reflect those kind things back.

 *All of my Spork Babies come sealed and ready for use. All portals are closed and your baby is bonded to you upon hanging or using it. All mirrors are portals and needed to be sealed for energy protections.*

*****What comes w/the Mirror?*****


Each Spork Baby is original and different. No two are the same! Each comes with a birth certificate showing it's original name and date of adoption!  It also has a hanger, is sealed and the back is lined with felt. 


*****        How is it shipped?         *****


Each baby is wrapped HEAVILY with bubble wrap, tissue paper and padding. I've never had one break in shipment and don't plan on starting now! I only ship priority, unless you are outside of the States, then it must go through customs to insure that the package is tracked and insured. Please be advised if you are outside the United States,  some countries charge a custom rate for the package to enter your country.  I am not responsible for this charge sadly!  If your mirror baby arrives broken, a claim can be made with the post office and please contact me asap so we can work together to make this right! I've never lost a Spork baby in transit before due to my heavy packaging! 


*****   What is mirror Magick?!     *****  


I sit with the mirrors and only work with them when positive energy is flowing through me. Mirrors are incredibly tricky to work with and can be used as portals, so I infuse them with energy that reflects your self love, back at you. 


The mirror finds the person. There is no evil, or any bad attached to these mirrors. It is purely self love and empowerment that they hold. They all have different personalities and all come with a Spork Witch Baby Birth certificate! 


***** How do I clean my mirror?  *****

            ***** Is it backed? *****       


Your Spork Baby can be cleaned with mirror cleaner, because it's sealed and even placed by a window during a full moon, for charging it's energy! It's surprisingly light too and backed with felt, to prevent scratches.


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