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This month & retrograde are definitely a time of acceptance of transformation. Regardless of if we want it or not! So I have completed the Snake Metamorphosis Altar Bottles.

They contain my own acceptance of transformation spell and include snake shed, amethyst, rose petals and even butterfly wings. (Responsibly sourced) Great to help during this time of transition & anytime following. New doors opening can be scary and hard. Sometimes we just have to sit in it and allow our new wings or skin to grow. That can't happen over night! Ugh. Patience...what a beautiful test you are. 💜


Each Spork item is original and different. No two are the same!


***** How is it shipped? *****


Each baby is wrapped HEAVILY with bubble wrap, tissue paper and padding. I've never had one break in shipment and don't plan on starting now! I only ship priority, unless you are outside of the States, then it must go through customs to insure that the package is tracked and insured. Please be advised if you are outside the United States, some countries charge a custom rate for the package to enter your country. I am not responsible for this charge sadly! If your baby arrives broken, a claim can be made with the post office and please contact me asap so we can work together to make this right! I've never lost a Spork baby in transit before due to my heavy packaging! 



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