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These real gem stone necklaces, also double as fidget spinners! The gem stone beads can spin, without falling out! Pick the stone that calls most to you!

Gemstone descriptions:

Obsidian: wonderful for blocking negative energy and protecting your own boundaries. Can also draw out stress from the body. 

Rose Quartz: Self love, standing in your boundaries and encouraging loving encounters with yourself and others. 

Hematite: Helps to balance the mind, soul & body together. Similar to Obsidian, but has a mirrored affect so it can also bounce energy off as well. Great for protecting your shield.

Jade: Green color, wonderful for luck, maturity, self assurance & encouragement.

Jasper: Wonderful for grounding, supports during stress and can bring calmness. 

Tourmalated Quartz: Can balance opposites. Is a ying/yang of stones. Can bring negative energies to center. 

Amethyst: Helps with grounding, the immune system, self love, repels anger, helps balance the mood. Is one of the major stones that can do multiple things. 

Lava Stone: Grounds the spirit, calls for courage, energizes and helps anxiety. You can also put a drop of essential oil onto this rock for it to hold the scent and property of that oil. 

Fluorite: increases concentration, intuition, stabilizes emotions and helps with spiritual detoxing. 


The metal that they are wrapped in galvanized steel and have a 18" chain that is also hypoallergenic. These metals have no nickle in them and are good for SUPER sensitive skin. (I'm allergic to most metals, so I try to not sell anything that I can't wear myself)

There are 9 options of stones, so many sure you select the stone you'd like!


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These necklaces are shipped FIRST CLASS with tracking. If you need the necklace faster, there will be an extra charge for priority. 

Customer Reviews

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Melanie P
Cute little fidget

Finally a cute fidget I can wear! I got amethyst, which I love, and it's cute AND super fun to play with. I have anxiety and this was calming to me.

Ashley V.
Pea Pod Fidget Necklace is SO cute!!!

I bought a hematite pea pod fidget spinner necklace and it is AMAZING! It is SO cute and pretty, and fun to spin, too! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!