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Help Me Fund My Custom Neck Brace & Power Wheel Chair 🫶

Posted by Braxtin Angelo on

Along with the GoFundMe, I also have the immense honor of throwing an auction, to help fund my wheelchair.  Several artisans and small businesses have joined together to help support me.  I'd absolutely love the ability to help boost them up as well and gain them a lot of exposure! So please join me at the auction at

State medical insurance will not cover an indoor/outdoor wheelchair, because (and I quote) "Wheelchair that will go outside". They also no longer cover bracing, because they see it as "non essential". Help me aquire the ability to live more independently, while even possibly helping me change how state insurance operates for the disabled community.

My name is Braxtin and I have Ehlers-Danlos, among other diagnosis. Currently I am very limited in my ability to leave the home, because my current wheelchair is too heavy and has too many parts for me to move myself. I am an ambulatory wheelchair user, which means I am able to move my legs and can walk short distances, with my cane. With how my disorder is progressing though, I am now a wheelchair user 90% of the time. My partner just asked me to marry him, last Christmas and I'd love to have something I can use on our wedding..... Read more by clicking the link at the top.


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