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My Art Story

Posted by Braxtin Angelo on

Hello! I'm the Spork Witch and I bet you're wondering what the frigg that means.  Have you ever heard of the Spoon Theory?

Basically a Spoonie is a person who is chronically ill, or as I like to say it, Chronically FABULOUS! However, I'm a Spoonie, but with a kick! So I've chosen the name The Spork Witch...a spoonie, but more stabby. *wink* CHeck out my blog post on more information for Supporting Your Sporks!

Art has saved my life, in so many ways! It has helped improve my mental, physical and emotional states (along with therapy) and has even helped me integrate my Autistic and Spiritual sides! I was born with Elhers Danlos Syndrome and it has forced me to see any challenges as goals to accomplish and conquer.  I refuse to give in to any label that those who are disabled are worthless, attention seeking and faking.  I'm a Leo, THAT's the reason I attention seek, NOT my illness! LOL!

I'm proud of the diversity I've been given and will spend each day giving kindness as much as I can.  We never know what anyone else is going through, or how they have grown.  Kindness is key and I absolutely love being able to bring smiles to others' faces, as well as being able to help with a healing hand, through empowering and validating energy work.  

It took me so many years to believe in myself and to trust that being yourself is the most important thing anyone can do! I appreciate your support more thank you know! Thank you for following me on this journey!