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Finally! An all natural, organic pain salve, that can help calm some arthritis pain & muscle ache! It's a topical that can be rubbed into your hands and joints.  This 2 ounce salve tin is infused with an inhouse made blend of herbs, supported by coconut oil, which helps the herbs penetrate the skin better. There is not an obvious sensation that occurs, but there is a warmth that could be slightly apparent. It isn't like other muscle rubs, that have a cold or overly hot reaction to the skin.  

*disclaimer: this isn't a miracle cure for any illness or disease.*

*Can be heated safely in an oil warmer. Just put the tin in the cleaned out oil warmer and let it slowly warm. When you're done, it will just solidify again*

The smell is sweet and earthy, as thuja is the smell that stands out the most. It's a beautiful, warm, soft scent that can also help with relaxation! This is a salve so it's more solid than it is runny. (not like a lotion)

Good for sensitive skin as well. PLEASE read the ingredients below to double check you have no specific allergies that are within the salve. 

Directions: take a small amount by pressing fingers into the dish and rub into skin. It will absorb within the hour. Does contain oil, so be aware of clothing. Isn't a runny texture though, so there's less chance of oil being transferred!

Keep it in a darker and/or cool place to keep it's shelf life even longer and to keep it solid. You can even keep it in the refrigerator as an added refreshing component, especially in the summer, when the oils may melt. 

Main ingredients (all organic & responsibility sourced):

Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Thuja Oil, Bergamot Oil, St John's Wart, Cayenne Oil, Arnica Oil. Made in house herbal blend: Calendulas, Mandrake, Lemon Balm, Holy Basil, Orris Root, Ashwagandha, Wormwood, Licorice Root 

Packed with bubble wrap so it will arrive safely, shipped free with first class shipping, unless combined with an order over $100, then it will be shipped priority.

Try the Kale Face Wash & Rose Water Toner as well, in the Spork Witch topical line! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Lee Ann Smith

I'm using Pain, Pain go Away on painful areas caused by spinal stenosis (nerve pain down my legs). I'm getting relief as well as a lovely scent.
I know that all products are carefully made with pure, ethically sourced ingredients. Highly recommend!